Open Collective is an online funding platform for open and transparent communities. They evolved out of the climate movement, and have grown to provide the tools to raise and share finances in full transparency to movements worldwide.
They are a US based C corp registered in Delaware, with a global team distributed between Aix-en-Provence, Auckland, Brussels, Berlin, Guadalajara, New York, Madrid, Paris, Shropshire, Navi Mumbai, Vancouver and Wellington.
Open Collective (OC) is a totally separate company to SCN/SCA. They build and maintain the platform that we use to Host our groups. We have a great working relationship with Open Collective and a huge amount of respect for the incredible work they do.
You might notice we link to their (very extensive) help documents quite a lot in this guide. That's because OC is their platform and we don't think there's anyone better to explain how to use it than them. We're here (both in this guide and our support services) to compliment OC's user support service rather than to replace it.
SCA is an Ltd and the sister company of SCN. It was started in 2015 by Esther Foreman, and is today the UK’s leading movement building agency, specialising in creating and supporting powerful social movements for impact. Everything we do, from programme delivery and design, to unconferences, movement building strategies to communities of practice, is designed to connect people and enable them to build the skills, knowledge and networks to make change happen.
Both organisations work together and complement each other.