Accountable: money management for community groups & grassroots movements
Our fiscal hosting service, Accountable, gives unincorporated groups a safe and transparent way to receive funding and manage their money. We take care of the admin and finance, so you can focus on changing the world.

What you get, in a nutshell πŸ₯œ

  • use of our CIC bank account to receive donations and grants
  • your own digital page
  • multiple admins on your page for collaborative decision-making
  • a team taking care of all your transactions for you
  • Reimburse your volunteers. Pay invoices for services
  • support around financial decisions
  • a support team available 7 days a week
  • resources on community building from The Social Change Nest
  • a network of groups to share expertise, questions and support with (Slack and OC)

About us

The Social Change Nest specialises in creating and supporting people-powered networks and social movements. After years of supporting and incubating grassroots groups, we know how important it is for groups to have a supportive infrastructure, especially around managing money.
Through Accountable, we offer secure fiscal hosting and a transparent money management system for foundations, groups, movements and networks in the UK and abroad.
We also provide a grant management and distribution service, making it easy for funders to support small groups by acting as a link between the two, and taking on the financial admin.
You can read more about us and Accountable in the next section.